How A Child's Speech And Language Develops (2-5 years)

Between the ages of 2 years and 5 years most children learn a great deal. The number of words they can say increases quickly. They talk more and they ask lots of questions. They enjoy listening to stories and music. By the time your child is ready to go to school, he or she should be able to speak and listen well.

By 2-3 years, most children will

  • use short sentences, like "me do it", "daddy going car"
  • follow simple directions, like "put the teddy bear to bed"
  • place something in the right spot if you say to put it "in", "on" or "under"
  • have a conversation with family members or other familiar people
  • listen to stories and answer simple questions
  • begin to add endings to words, such as running, toys

How YOU can help your child’s speech and language grow

  • listen when your child talks to you
  • describe what you are doing, planning, and thinking
  • have a conversation with your child, especially during quiet time together
  • be a good speech model - use correct words and phrases without correcting your child directly
  • add words and ideas to what your child says - if your child says "red truck", you say "a big red truck"
  • ask a few simple questions, but not too many
  • play rhyming games with your child ("what word sounds like bat?")
  • read books every day

When to call for help

  • Your child acts frustrated when trying to talk
  • You have a hard time understanding what your child says
  • Your child does not put more than 2 words together
  • Your child does not listen well

don’t wait - early help makes a difference!

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