About smallTALK

smallTALK is the Preschool Speech Language Program serving families in Huron and Perth counties. It is one of 30 provincial programs designed to identify children who are at risk for or who have delays in communication development, and provide early intervention to ensure that they arrive at school as ready to learn as possible. 

smallTALK was created to ensure that all children (from birth to school entry) living in Huron and Perth counties are given the best chance of reaching their full speech, language and communication potential.

smallTALK is part of a province wide, government initiative designed to bring together new and existing resources to ensure the delivery of a comprehensive preschool speech and language program. smallTALK focuses on prevention, early identification of communication delays, and broadening the range of evidence-based interventions provided by Speech Language Pathologists and Communicative Disorders Assistants.

smallTALK is a member of Kids First Huron Perth which is a consortium of  local agencies and professionals committed to providing an integrated system of prenatal, healthy child development, early identification, and early learning and care services for children under the age of six and their families.

Service locations (click on the map!)

  • Alexandra Marine and General Hospital

  • Clinton Public Hospital

  • Listowel Memorial Hospital

  • Seaforth Community Hospital

  • South Huron Hospital

  • Stratford General Hospital

  • St. Marys Memorial Hospital

  • Wingham and District Hospital.

smallTALK is managed through the Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance and provides services through all eight hospitals in Huron and Perth Counties. Services provided by smallTALK are funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services.

Information and Services

By calling this number you can:
•    ask questions about the way your child talks
•    be referred to a Speech Language Pathologist
•    find out more information about resources and services offered by smallTALK

If you have concerns about the way your baby or child’s speech and language skills are developing call 519-272-8216 or 1-866-333-7716 or contact us via our contact page.

Contact information

Mary Louise LaBerge, Manager
519-272-8210 x 2634

Referral line 519-272-8216 or 1-866-333-7716
Huron Perth Healthcare Alliance
46 General Hospital Drive
Stratford, ON Canada
N5A 2Y6