By 5 years, most children will

  • use sentences that sound almost like an adult
  • be able to say most speech sounds correctly
  • explain what familiar words mean
  • use sentences to describe objects and events
  • explain how to solve a simple problem
  • follow related directions, like "get your crayons, make a picture and put it on the fridge"

How YOU can help your child’s speech and language grow (4 - 5 years)

  • talk about your activities when you are together
  • show your child different ways to use words (examples - use words that mean the same thing, words that are opposites, "pretend"words, rhyming words)
  • don't expect perfect speech and try not to ask your child to show how well he/she can say things in front of others
  • ask your child to help you plan activities such as making a special meal
  • talk with your child as you would anybody else
  • read longer stories with your child
  • let your child make up stories for you
  • let your child play with other children

don’t wait - early help makes a difference!

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