Your child’s first words create a very special moment.

They also form the base for your child’s future success at school and in life. From birth, babies begin to communicate with us. Surrounded by words, most young children develop speech and language naturally. Some children, however, take longer to learn communication skills. Left untreated, these children may face life-long problems. Even young children - under two years old - can be helped with speech and language supports. Early intervention reduces the risk of social, educational and emotional challenges that often affect children with speech and language problems.


Learn how you can help your child’s speech and language grow.

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Calling All Three Year Olds - early Full Day Learning registration

This is one of the busiest times of the year for our smallTALK Speech Language Pathologists. Typically they receive around 90 referrals for children identified at the CATYO events. We work with the family to assess and provide speech and language supports to ensure the child arrives at Junior Kindergarten as ready to learn as possible.

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