By 3-4 years, most children will

  • use sentences of 4 to 6 words
  • give directions like "fix this for me"
  • ask many questions like what, where, why
  • tell about things they have done
  • talk to themselves and their toys
  • tell a story or sing a song
  • tell you when they are tired

How YOU can help your child’s speech and language grow (3 - 4 years)

  • let your child help you do things such as cooking and gardening - talk about what you are doing
  • keep your child's conversations going by paying attention and showing that you are interested
  • add new ideas to your conversations (example - talk about how things are the same and how they are different)
  • use words that your child has trouble with in your own speech
  • encourage your child to tell stories using books and pictures
  • start reading longer stories to your child
  • let your child play with other children
  • remember that it is normal for your child to repeat words and sounds at this age

When to call for help

  • Your child repeats words but does not seem to understand
  • Your child stutters
  • Other people have a hard time understanding what your child says
  • Your child uses words in an unusual way

don’t wait - early help makes a difference!

call 519-272-8216
or toll-free 1-866-333-7716
and ask for smalltalk