By 12 months, most children will

  • understand their own name
  • understand words like "bye-bye" or "up"
  • say sounds like "ba ba, na na, ga ga"
  • laugh and try to make sounds like you do
  • say their first word<

How YOU can help your baby’s speech and language grow
(6 to 12 months)

  • talk to your baby - talk about what you are doing when you are washing, dressing or feeding him/her
  • use your baby's name when talking to him/her
  • touch your baby
  • repeat the sounds your baby makes
  • face your baby when you talk to him/her
  • do things that make your baby smile and laugh
  • show your baby different sounds and talk about them (examples - play a music box, make animal sounds, crumple a paper bag)
  • speak or make gentle sounds when your baby touches you, looks at you or makes sounds
  • show your baby picture books and talk about what you see
  • use lots of facial expressions when you are talking to your baby
  • sing songs or nursery rhymes
  • play simple games like "peek-a-boo"


  • Your baby does not wave back at you when you say "bye bye" and wave.
  • Your baby does not try to show you things by reaching or looking.

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